Welcome, Fam!

The HBCYou Project was created to be a transformative community media experience crafted exclusively for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) ecosystem.

We encourage all prospective students, current students, alumni, professionals, organizations, businesses and individuals who love the HBCU culture to sign up!

The HBCYou Project offers a digital world where past and present connections flourish, HBCU pride soars, and opportunities are endless. Connect with like-minded scholars and professionals who share your extraordinary journey. Unleash your potential, access tailored resources, and become part of a community that celebrates your achievements and understands your strides.

Sign up today and don't miss out on being amongst the first to join this vibrant HBCU community and embark on an exhilarating path to true comradery!


1.)   How do I join?

To join The HBCYou Project, simply scroll up a bit and hit the "Sign up" button or visit www.HBCYou.co

Once there, click the request to join button then fill in your details. After you are done, hit the submit button and your information will be sent to us for review. Someone from our admin team will receive your information and then send you a message to the email address you provided to verify that you are either a member of the HBCU community or an affiliate. Once you are verified you will be sent an approval email with the next step.

2.)   Why do I have to go through all of that to sign up?

We want to ensure that we are providing an authentic atmosphere. By knowing information about each member beforehand, such as which HBCU did you attend and if you are Greek affiliated, we can customize the onboarding experience and provide the best social experience.

3.)  Is it free?

Signing up and the base use of the platform is Free-99. However, if you want to use certain features there is a small fee or subscription. Providing a fee and/or subscription services allow us to keep the platform free from ads, spam, trolls and anarchical digital chaos. We don’t sell your data, our security is tight and we respect your privacy. 

4.)  What can I post on the platform?

You can post whatever you’d like as long as it does not offend your fellow HBCU member. We are open to having a “Free Flow” kind of environment while we are at small numbers. 

Once we begin to grow, we may have to change this approach.

5.) I never attended a HBCU, can I still join?

As long as you have love for the culture, the culture will have love for you. 

We just ask that you remember that you are a guest in our home. 

Mind your manners.

6.) Can I monetize my content?

You sure can! Send an inquire to HBCUYou@gmail.com